Hello! My name is Ivar.

I’m a starting blogger. I spend a lot of time talking to strangers and try to understand global culture drinking habits, plus I am a big fan of geeky stuff.  Currently based in Vienna, heart still in Tallinn. :-)

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Social dating: Myth or a real place to find some new people?

First of all, I just wanted to make sure that you are 18 and older when reading this post as I am not sure if I should be telling you about these apps or anything really about this world if you are younger than 18.  I have been young too, but I really wish someone would have told me to wait few years before diving into this world. It’s sometimes so overwhelming that I can’t even bother anymore. “Gay people (that includes the homosexual guys, lesbian girls and transexuals.) and the rest I have no clue how to categorize them.”  Ofcourse some of the apps I am going to write about are not only meant for gay people, they are also very popular among straight, so I can’t take all the credit. 🙂  Continue reading

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EBA2017 ja Elu Viinis! + minu hääl?

EBA2017  ja Elu Viinis! + minu hääl?

First, I need appologize for my english followers, this post is going to be in Estonian, but I will make a short summary of it after the post. 🙂

Ma pean juba ette vabandama nagu ikka, ma ei ole tegelikult super hea kirjutaja. Kuid selleks olengi alustanud blogiga, et seda oskust veidikenegi parandada.  Põhjus, miks ma kirjutan sellel korral siiski hoopis eesti keeles, on lihtne – osalen sellel aastal sellisel üritusel nagu EBA2017, kui üks meesblogijatest. Ma ei tea, ma tegelikult väga palju siia ei postita, kuid postitan palju instagrammi ja seda olete kindlasti juba ka märganud ja miks mitte siis proovida? 😉  Continue reading

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Started off as slow, ended up being busier than…

First of all I wanted to apologize for not writing this long, it was not intension life gets on its way and blogging is not as easy as I thought. Respect for the bloggers out there.  Just that lots has been on my mind with the last month and lots to do as well. Broke up with bf or actually we kind of just split up with out saying anything, but that’s another post anyway. 😉 So I have started working more and building up my social life but it seems that I have got myself into a deeper than I really expected. I was going to write next about how to move here so here are few of my tips. 🙂

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Automatically fill on JIRA issue creation summary field

This time I am going to write something different, rather than about my own life. So I have been strugguling for awhile with one task in JIRA. The goal was to fill the Summary field with some certain data based on the custom fields.  So since I had a ScriptRunner by Aptavist to use, I knew there must be some kind of a script to use. Continue reading

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Weekends in Vienna – Friday night with coworkers…

As most of u know I am actually a very social person and can’t stand just sitting around without doing nothing @ all. Yesterday started feeling quite the same.

It was almost the end of my day at the office and I started to think, “I don’t wanna be home again on friday!” so sent Joshua a text on #WhatsApp and found out that he is close to the office at a place called Saloon5 with some of our fellow coworkers. I did not think very long and decided to go ahead and just join to a group of people I knew nothing about and I did not have to regret! 🙂


“I work with bunch of very cool people! 😎”

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Ivar Moving to Vienna! So here I am, to stay…?


..Well atleast for a while. Here’s the story of me moving to Vienna, should I stay or not – I am not sure yet. 🙂 Here I am trying to watch a movie via Chromecast in my cozy bed and writing my very first post, but NO, I can not do that. AS my stupid old version of Chromecast is fucked up and keeps disconnecting. Let me fix that first before I get back to this.

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